Ever thought what a clown does when he is depressed?
It sure is tough being a clown.
Here is one who hasn’t stopped crying for days..
And he has plenty of reasons for it.
The one he loved the most has left him and gone away… for good.
Then, he is not getting any younger. In fact-he is old.
But more than anything else, he is depressed because he has been forced to perform this play.
He wasn’t supposed to play it tonight but circumstances have forced him to do this play about a king and his daughters..
written by, what’s his name-the great English writer,
you know, bald.. bearded-who says “thee-thou-thy”, you know..
That guy, whats-his-name, “the show must go on..” guy;
You know, the 16th century English writer.. oh well.
And now he is stuck;
this clown, who has enough problems of his own,
who can’t even remember the playwright’s name-
Now he is in a spot. He must perform.
Life isn’t fair…
Well, no wonder he is depressed!!

I happen to watch Vinay Pathak in Nothing Like Lear. Directed by Rajat Kapoor. One can always recall there on screen chemistry from Bheja Fry. The play is an monologue. The actor kept us the audience on the edge of our seat. The Theater was full . The play in terms of Direction was brilliant. There were moments , when there were roars of  laughter echoed in the auditorium, there were moments ,when there was pin drop silence  , there were moments ,when audience put words to Vinay’s mouth. Vinay took us through a roller coaster ride of performance.He was spontaneous, he did taunt about the traffic in Bangalore ,when the audience did keep pouring in even after the show had started.To conclude and to keep it crisp as the play was  ,I thoroughly enjoyed the play. And will recommend to people , who did love to laugh and see an actor perform different facets at the same time effortlessly. Three cheers for Nothing Like Lear and the Duo of Vinay and Rajat.

Note:-  One more show to be shown tomorrow. Link to Indiastage above.



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