Chaos Inside and in India.

Caution, we Indians have short term memory only. Kanimozhi is out of Jail , so is A. Raja  and even the Kalmadi. Recent fire in the Maharashtra’s  Secretariat turned the Adarsh  scam files  into ashes . A peon for bribe of Rs 150 /- spends a decade in prison. A notice board hanging below a transformer reads, don’t dispose garbage here.A senior citizen fighting to get a seat in the bus , reserved for senior citizen. In another instance a young chap , claims to be senior citizen to have a seat in the bus  meant for senior citizen.  Heap of rubbles  lying on the foot path after the sewage been cleaned in front of a fast food chain for days .The display of heap of garbage at the corner of each street. The exhibition of human feces on the foot paths. The Blinds can’t use footpath because of poles and trees .  The honking of vehicles during peak hours of traffic ,when congestion is obvious.The engines of vehicle are on during the traffic signals despite the prices of fuel are soaring. An auto driver , rides 25 kms through the city with an accident victim to an hospital to claim cash price of Rs 2500/-. Another live coverage on televisions of rescuing the child fallen into an bore well. The chaos in the political circles . The melodrama in the families to compel children to get married. And  lastly the taunts  heard by recently engaged guy are unbearable. And what surfaces is chaos, chaos inside and in India.


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