The saga of Ogle, smooching , BDMS and what the F ?

Recently been able to watch recently released  new Hindi movies  releases , English Vinglish  , Aiyya and student of the year. Out of the three movies sensible was English Vinglish , with a story and a message , the other two were  popcorn movies. Student of the year  being KJ’s movie the aesthetics of the movie were really good. We were wondering  the school where the story was evolving was even a school in  the first place.On the other end Aiyya was interesting movie but I guess we did see the unedited version of the movie. The makers of movie may have forgotten to use scissors being under duress by the actor in movie.   The movie had its moments to laugh out loud. The hindi movie makers severely suffer from dragging syndrome. Taking all the air  out of the movie  by end of second half , so was the case with both Aiyya and SOTY. An interesting article appeared in the TOI crest edition  , titled The female gaze and came across a world “Ogle” . My friend after watching  STOY movie expressed  his intention of making a six pack. I think there is some nexus between film makers and fitness industry . It is about acting and not the on screen presence learn from the veterans of Malayalam industry Mohan lal  and Mammooty they are Endomorph creatures ,who deliver performances  without taking there shirts off.We lazy butts end up paying for six months to a year and never turn up to the gym , making the gym franchisee a little richer. Our reservations about on screen kissing seems to be disappearing day in day out and there is very little awkwardness these days to sit and watch actors smooching on screen  along with parents pretending to be munching popcorn instead.A couple were so bored as I was watching Heroine, they recreated the smooching scene under the projector assuming everyone was watching movie , na not me. I had to make my self uncomfortable to turn around and  see them . Blame pheromones or Madhur Bhandarkar . I did take my chances and blame the film maker for being repetitive and mundane . Listen you all mummy ji’s and Papa ji’s  please ensure what content is suitable for children . Every movie  has a certification issued by censor board , SOTY got a U/A certificate. Other day a colleague of mine cited his  younger son using the “F” word and was taken aback. Mummy ji’s and Papa ji’s please ensure you lock up the doors before making out rather then hearing , what the fuck are you doing?  Other day couple of children playing a video game in cafe kept yelling  ” Fuck ” ,” Fuck “.I wonder what will the actor for X rated stuff would hold on to besides faking the “O”. To conclude a very typical yet a very hype song. Our desi version of Fifty shades of grey and contribution to BDMS.Its time I have my Lijjat Papad. Beware  Imran Hasmi the serial  kisser  is around the corner with his new movie lined up Rush. It should be hard to explain children why and how people kiss then make babies? Thanx to inquisitiveness of minds of the young ones.



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