Reforms , Opposition and Gimmicks a chapter from Indian Political Drama.

Everyday seems to get more interesting , politically speaking as the elections in the center approaching. Year 2014 is quite crucial for both Congress and BJP.Both the political parties are trying hard to ensure that the so called reforms happen in there era of ruling .Congress for so long was stuck with an adamant partner ,which caused derailment in the so called reforms process . Now congress with support of two regional parties propelling the delayed reforms.Is it the bad luck or just matter of timing that the government is on its toe in the last phase of its governance , pushing for all sorts of reforms from FDI to cash transfer to land acquisition. What is quite amusing and disappointing at the same time is the way these bills are been passed ? The process of healthy discussion is to be seen no where.What can be seen and read is the government at center is using the investigation agencies as trump card and pressurizing the two regional parties to get through the phase of passing the so called reforms.At least there is one agency, which is making government work harder . The EC has warned the government on increase of quota of subsidized LPG cylinders during the Gujarat elections. . And again on the idea of transferring the cash to the poor under DCT scheme . Though the intentions of the ruling government may be honest and true but then timing has been disastrous. The Key issue is the development of nation in terms of infrastructure , which will be an deciding factor and not the bills passed in the parliament alone.This phase of Indian economy is most interesting and a challenging one and lot will depend on the quality of governance at all levels .An interesting articles from Hindu , titled Reforms yes, but of right type.. To conclude the impressions the children carried back , while visiting parliament on not so productive day.


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