Is Banglore going to dogs?

Who drives India is a question keeps popping up in my mind? The governments have been paralyzed for a long time. Is government keen to do some real development rather than floating new populist schemes for poor at cost of increasing the deficit and having a full-page advertisement in the national dailies .Now our cities might be synonyms of “the rape city”, “the garbage city” and so forth? The Garden is out of the equation. The Garbage situation in Bangalore is not a problem of Bangalore alone but of the nation as whole. We may see posh buildings and on the corners garbage being dumped. The villages in Karnataka not allowing the garbage being dumped is a good move but is it a wakeup call for authorities in Bangalore is a question? Only temporary solutions are looked at, rather than solving the problem at once. I want to be a responsible citizen and will want to dispose garbage properly. However, there are no bins but spaces, which have eventually, have emerged as garbage disposable points; at least they do disappear from there to where I have no clue with guilt. Stink and waste of my vicinity is becoming someone’s headache. Today’s newspaper had two interesting articles. One is china has world’s longest high-speed rail network – about 9,300 km. The other interesting and disgusting news item is Rs 37 lakhs were spend on prez room in Suvarna Soudha room, where he stayed for one hour. The infrastructure in the city is decaying. One can see potholes remain neglected. Moreover, increase of vehicles is putting more pressure. The annoying part is the behavior of the riders and drivers. The honking during peak hours, while vehicles stand still bumper-to-bumper. The vehicles not being turned off and emitting smoke. In public transport, a notice reads diesel is priceless turn off the vehicle at signals and it goes unread. The riders taking the route of footpath to get ahead in the traffic. There have been numerous laws and more laws will be in place to safeguard the innocent and honest citizens but the point is how effectively they will be implemented. The resources may be inadequate and implementation might be only half-baked measures only. After the Delhi rape instance the state government of Karnataka announced plan to introduce GPS in autos, taxis, and CCTV camera in public transport buses. I urge the government and minister, to have adequate buses also in the first place so no women passenger is stranded and be victim of crime. Can India be a powerful nation? I doubt. We are nation who is being driven by millions of GODs in the place and then by mistake by individuals who have consciousness and then by who understand the commerce and lastly who know how to pocket money .Our attitude is completely callous towards others and our own duties. We are very good at passing the buck onto others. We always ask what the government and parents did for us? When is the right to ask what have we done for our parents and vicinity? I strongly urge the fellow riders and drivers not to drink and drive this New Year. To conclude I will try to do my bit by riding and disposing garbage in the appropriate manner as possible. Will you do your part by doing your share as well?


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