Did you really earn your Driving Licence.

It is quite a pleasure to ride on smooth roads with less or no traffic at all. What amazes me is not the engines, the curves of the vehicle or the exquisite interiors either , but just two aspects of the vehicles the indicators and the side mirrors .Things have changed for indicators , previously they were things of the night . Now indicators are even used in the day and most importantly they are visible in the day light as well , which was missing in the past.Now , hardly one sees a driver or rider using his hand to show the side but just switch on the indicators . My wife being a pillion rider is always nervous and keeps making a comment or two specially when I change the lanes . I think she does not know about my affair. My affair with the side mirror . I just love them immensely for there utility. It is hard to understand , how can a rider have no side mirror. Is that a style statement or stupidity , only time can tell. our new two wheeler came with two side mirrors and since the the side mirror on the left side was an hurdle while parking the vehicle at night , I did get it removed. I wondered , who needs two side mirrors . I am back to square one and in desperate need of the other side mirror as well. In last two days , I have been having hard time riding the two wheeler at decent speed as well. Been sandwiched between two vehicles , specially the ones coming from the left do put me on off guard and increases the level of cortisol , particularly, the riders from behind ,who pass through like a tornado leaving me completely shaken , annoying and furious.The way we drive or ride our vehicles does exhibit our behavior .Yesterday , on the way to watch a play in the peak hours of traffic out of nowhere , a biker decides to do wheeling for a good stint with no protective guards . It is quite annoying to see sights like this.
One can see the hoardings in the city emphasizing to follow lane discipline , but who cares? Riding in the night are my worst night mares . Not because the nights are chilly but the high beam lights coming from other side of the road, makes it very difficult to ride in the night. I have been riding with low beam. Out of frustration , I wanted to understand the concept of low and high beam lights for city limits and found some answers.

Have seen the drivers on the high ways using high beams was something picked by common sense. The other day, Nitin was following us and the head lights were on high beam was reflecting in the side mirror and getting scattered and causing irritation and blindness.Roads not having street lights and potholes not being repaired creates lot of chaos while riding.Came across an interesting articles highlighting the hazards of high beam lights . One can’t adopt an approach , if you make me blind , I will make some one else blind as well.To conclude let us pledge to follow lanes and use low beam lights in city limits and use dipping as and when needed and not to over take from left side of the roads and be a responsible driver and rider and be safe.


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