Above the politics ,the Indian dilemma.

Is India at brink of a new Dawn or will continue to be in dismal state of affairs , only voters and time will reveal.The young Indian should be having high hopes from one Individual , Narendar Modi. Will Narendar Modi , emerge to be the next Iron Man after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ? As the current UPA government approaches to finish its second innings at center , one can understand the anti incumbency factor will hurt the UPA regime most,besides being marred by corruption, scandals and inflation. A common man may seek vengeance through ballot ,against the government at the center, without understanding the complexities of not being insulated any more .India is in dire need of a new leadership, who will mold India’s future and catch up with neighbors in terms of Infrastructure. No politician has magical wand and neither one individual is a panacea for all the problems.It is high time, that the politicians raise above corny politics.It is not just any more about secularism or polarization. It is about the GDP , the fiscal deficit,the value of Indian currency, the energy needs , the job creations and lastly the most crucial aspect , the population explosion. India needs to prepare itself and address new complex problems ,which may arise in near distant future , like unemployment , economy slow down and default by borrowers at a bigger scale , which is seen in PIGS.Will India get on its feet again and flung towards accelerated growth or crawl? Will India raise as a Superpower by 2020 ? Will India emerge with new model of growth or sink further into its own mediocrity? Will Indian voter prefer being prudent then loyalist?


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