Can traveling in local trains & buses be cakewalk

You may have at the tap of an app got cosy in a taxi to your  destination. All thanks to smart phones and internet . There are now Auto on demand and so is bikers.  The vacuum in the value chain seems to be decreasing every single day.

The commutation problem is getting solved to a large extent  and by addition of  pooling by cab aggregators the pocket  will also have lesser dent.25MA_BUS-CITY_GRG3Q_846502f

Data is the new oil!

– Clive Humby, ANA Senior marketer’s summit, 2006

There is a front , which is yet to be resolved for .

The experience of a commuter by local buses and local trains are to be solved for.

A learning from aggregations model is bridging between the demand and supply in real time.

Most of us must have seen the Mumbai local trains at peaks hours completely choked and commuters hanging out or similar instances in the local buses.

The state governments  and private players have a huge opportunity here to fill in the vaccum between demand and supply of commuters by mass transit services.

It can be an App  based service , a SMS send by the commuter to the service provider ( DMRC , BMTC or BEST) who then can based on request of,  from and to location arrange for buses or additional coaches , to accommodate the commuters basis the time slots chosen by the commuter to avoid the rush and overloaded buses and coaches.

It is the right time to harness the data and technologies  to make commuting an easy experience then a struggle.

IRCTC , is an ideal example of usage of technology , booking tickets couldn’t have been easier then this.

Note –  First Published on Linkedin Pulse


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