Sobha De , you aren’t wrong either about Indian athletes.


Where does India stand in the Olympics medal tally, when checked last time? 71st position and it was the last rank. Into the 12th day of Olympics, a 16 day event, due to Sakshi Malik’s effort, India managed to open the medal tally.

Recently, a tweet of Shoba  De  created a lot of stir about the contingent of Indian athletes.

I personally feel, she is entitled to it. The out bust of tweets by celebrities and sportsmen ,were an emotional out bust and not rational.

I came across an interesting headline and bit confusing as well.  “With 26 career Olympic medals, Phelps equals India’s record” . The most startling fact about the headline is, India has won only 26 medals since 1900. The event has been held 30 plus times since 1900 till the 2016 in Rio.

Let’s classify Indians in at least three buckets. First, who are least concerned about the Olympics, second, who read newspaper and criticize these athletes for lackluster performances and lastly, who expect miracles to happen.

Please be honest and look deep inside and reflect, we all know the Indian athletes aren’t going to win any medals.

Recently, Nalin Mehta wrote an article. He cited the the budget and expense for the preparation of Rio Olympics. Against allocated budget of Rs 46 crores only Rs 6 crores were spend.

Now let us categorize the athletes as well.  First, who got the perfect eco system to prepare themselves. Second, who were deprived of a complete eco system, essential in preparations.

Nalin Mehat’s article further throws light, the Indian contingent comprised of 118 athletes, 80 officials and to disbelieve only 14 support staff were issued training venue passes.

America, is holding the top position in the medal tally with 43 Gold. The reason is it spends Rs 22 a day per person against 3 paise per athlete a day in India.

Chetan Bhagat’s new article corroborates the investment and ROI model.

To conclude, we Indians suffer from Dementia (assumed), emotional instability and Patriotic fever.

This hue, cry, emotional sway, controversies and endless tweets are here for another few days, until the next Olympics. But the fact remains, the Rome was not build in a day. If at all the Government or Individuals are serious about the medals, then make there ambition public and provide platform for the talent to unlock its potential.

My heartiest congratulations to both Sakshi and PV sindhu for their accomplishments.


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