Is Pink here to stay ?


Being a feminist is a double edge sword and it ranges from being a conservative to a liberal one. I find myself somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Every single instance of molestation is disheartening  and mocking at our sensibility  and intellect. The recent instances of women being molested will continue to recur until there is a contrast in our beliefs and our thoughts. We Indian families have a policy of silence on the major issues be it sex education or any sensitive issue for that matter. Since It is very easy to form an impression about the opposite sex (females) in era of Internet with plenty sleazy and demeaning songs. Unless and until the women themselves take the baton in their hands and shape the young minds and hearts in their houses with fearless conversations and strong point of view, there will be humiliation. Women are rebels and they have proved that consistently by being a tenacious homemaker to an ambitious career women and juggling the roles every single day. Look at your mother, sisters, daughters and spouse and you will resonate with me. Yes women are gorgeous and sensuous, the least we can do is to admire and appreciate , than make them victim of ogling, dishonoring and disparaging. Yes life is uncertain and there will be an outcome irrespective of whether you (women) were an instigator or not. It is a vicious cycle of who is to be blamed for every single heinous act committed. I strongly believe that we ( man/ women) should  take responsibility for factors which are in our circle of influence, be it the place , the people  and the time. Certainly condemnation is no consolation. Finally we Indian society are stuck between a  Dangal ( movie ) liberation and a  Pink ( movie ) decimation of a person. Can we be the change , the change we wish to see. Please do ponder.

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Sobha De , you aren’t wrong either about Indian athletes.


Where does India stand in the Olympics medal tally, when checked last time? 71st position and it was the last rank. Into the 12th day of Olympics, a 16 day event, due to Sakshi Malik’s effort, India managed to open the medal tally.

Recently, a tweet of Shoba  De  created a lot of stir about the contingent of Indian athletes.

I personally feel, she is entitled to it. The out bust of tweets by celebrities and sportsmen ,were an emotional out bust and not rational.

I came across an interesting headline and bit confusing as well.  “With 26 career Olympic medals, Phelps equals India’s record” . The most startling fact about the headline is, India has won only 26 medals since 1900. The event has been held 30 plus times since 1900 till the 2016 in Rio.

Let’s classify Indians in at least three buckets. First, who are least concerned about the Olympics, second, who read newspaper and criticize these athletes for lackluster performances and lastly, who expect miracles to happen.

Please be honest and look deep inside and reflect, we all know the Indian athletes aren’t going to win any medals.

Recently, Nalin Mehta wrote an article. He cited the the budget and expense for the preparation of Rio Olympics. Against allocated budget of Rs 46 crores only Rs 6 crores were spend.

Now let us categorize the athletes as well.  First, who got the perfect eco system to prepare themselves. Second, who were deprived of a complete eco system, essential in preparations.

Nalin Mehat’s article further throws light, the Indian contingent comprised of 118 athletes, 80 officials and to disbelieve only 14 support staff were issued training venue passes.

America, is holding the top position in the medal tally with 43 Gold. The reason is it spends Rs 22 a day per person against 3 paise per athlete a day in India.

Chetan Bhagat’s new article corroborates the investment and ROI model.

To conclude, we Indians suffer from Dementia (assumed), emotional instability and Patriotic fever.

This hue, cry, emotional sway, controversies and endless tweets are here for another few days, until the next Olympics. But the fact remains, the Rome was not build in a day. If at all the Government or Individuals are serious about the medals, then make there ambition public and provide platform for the talent to unlock its potential.

My heartiest congratulations to both Sakshi and PV sindhu for their accomplishments.

Can traveling in local trains & buses be cakewalk

You may have at the tap of an app got cosy in a taxi to your  destination. All thanks to smart phones and internet . There are now Auto on demand and so is bikers.  The vacuum in the value chain seems to be decreasing every single day.

The commutation problem is getting solved to a large extent  and by addition of  pooling by cab aggregators the pocket  will also have lesser dent.25MA_BUS-CITY_GRG3Q_846502f

Data is the new oil!

– Clive Humby, ANA Senior marketer’s summit, 2006

There is a front , which is yet to be resolved for .

The experience of a commuter by local buses and local trains are to be solved for.

A learning from aggregations model is bridging between the demand and supply in real time.

Most of us must have seen the Mumbai local trains at peaks hours completely choked and commuters hanging out or similar instances in the local buses.

The state governments  and private players have a huge opportunity here to fill in the vaccum between demand and supply of commuters by mass transit services.

It can be an App  based service , a SMS send by the commuter to the service provider ( DMRC , BMTC or BEST) who then can based on request of,  from and to location arrange for buses or additional coaches , to accommodate the commuters basis the time slots chosen by the commuter to avoid the rush and overloaded buses and coaches.

It is the right time to harness the data and technologies  to make commuting an easy experience then a struggle.

IRCTC , is an ideal example of usage of technology , booking tickets couldn’t have been easier then this.

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Watching News is distressful .

Every noon during lunch we end up sitting in front of the television and for the whole duration of 15-20 minutes break , television keeps flashing breaking news with the same visuals.

If you could pause for a moment and analysis the kind of news we are seeing. You may conclude ,there is no substance but only sensationalised screams and screeches.

Any debate is nothing to do with addressing a problem but only correlating it to the past events  and exchanging  series of accusations.

Yes we understand the curse of capitalism and KPI of TRPs  and combination of these two ,makes news distasteful.

I sometimes wonder, is there so much of chaos out there or becomes more chaotic within ourselves and in world as we watch the news.

If one had to count the events of stress, then there is refugee crisis, Syria crisis, Afghan crisis, bombs explosions in some part of world, shooting instances in US, rape instances in India and other countless instances, where human life is not spared.

Now I understand the effect of information overload, best were the days without satellite channels and Internet.

A colleague of mine said , the best news channel is Doordarshan, they report and not create.

Are today’s new channels the newest Porn of our era?

Happy Independence Day,but happy about what ?

India ,celebrated 69th year of Independence yesterday on 15th August. One could see plenty of selfies on social media with the Indian flags. One thing to be critical of is ,why does the patriotism oozes out for one day alone in most of us? The Prime Minister yesterday ,pointed out that ,not a single scam has emerged in one year of being in power. I am taken aback . Late Kalam sab , your India 2020 , may remain a vision only. This monsoon session of Parliament was nothing, but mud-slinging and tax payers money was down the drain. It is high time that the Political parties be it the opposition a decade back or the opposition now ,make it a priority to let the Parliament function normally and take all the Dharna and Drama take place out side the Parliament only. In 69th year of Independence , a common man is still concerned about where to dump the garbage? , why the potholes reappear again ?,will he get a raise or not ?, will he get promotion or not ?,while choosing a representative through ballot ,who in turn is suppose to lay down the path for progress and prosperity .  Sadly , a common man will have to wait until the democratic machinery works with least friction . But when ? Why not make the public servants “Accountable ” across ? An Independent agency , tracking the deliverable of each public servant ,set by the Government and same is accessible with out the hiccup of RTI . All the financial transaction open to public post the bidding on the Internet except the sensitive one’s. A quarterly report card of all the public servants against the KPI. Unfortunately , today a common man knows is a symbol or two , but not the KRA  and  actual deliverable of the representative of their constituency. The Irony of this India is , a policeman ,will click a photo of you violating a traffic signal but will not take a photo of pothole on the roads. The linear way of thinking has to go ,since our problems are no more simple. The honest and incorruptible either depart early like Manjunath Shanmugam or get lost in vicious cycle of transfers.Does our blood boil ? yes , for few minutes only, while munching pop corn in an recliner seat. The film makers have milked the ideology of corruption less society be it Nayak , Indian , Gabbar is back , Anniyan and Ungli  among others. What should we be happy about ? Our delegation has not worked  in pristine manner.”Development is not dependent on a symbol ,but on Intent”. I am just another common man and my concern for tomorrow is how will I survive a snail paced traffic until another weekend ?  

Will it get any better from here

Chaos, it is. Don’t you feel the same. One should hate oneself for switching on television to catch up with what’s happening in world on Indian news channels. Indian news channel trigger rage in me. We are so occupied with making a living, we tend either to forget or neglect lot many issues, which effect us. The innumerable potholes, the uncountable uneven surfaced roads,the over flowing gutter water on roads and the unbearable smell , the footpaths been hijacked by two wheelers , rider or driver trying to do multitasking , while being on phone. The roads being dug and never leveled and patched, we after sixty years are still don’t have a effective drainage system. India a emerging super power, by what imagination do we say so despite of lavish new terminal at Mumbai airport.Since independence the political parties have been talking about ideologies and been nothing but populist. I am glad the aggression shown by Indian Government to rescue Devyani khobragade. Where is this same aggression when our neighbor’s army intrude into Indian territory. The era prompted by ideologies is over , it will be better if political parties understand this and get down and actually work in parliament rather then disrupting it for every other thing. What India or any country needs is good governance and effective delivery mechanism rather then populist scheme burdening the tax payers.Populism and population are things , which no political party willing to speak about , there sole interest is to increase their voter base and win elections and recover investments made in elections.Will AAP be an ideal party is too soon to say in context of raising funds.Is Indian Government spending billions in creating infrastructure like china is ? The answer is no.The debates, the arguments and counter arguments ,the allegations and slinging mud at each other is enough. These so called intellect opinions are annoying to the core. I prefer to watch these days cooking shows then the news , where a panel of half a dozen people are forcefully fitted in our television screens for no good reason. The politician, who are opposing FDI should check what brand underpants they wear and which car they drive around. To conclude Amazon and Dominos may use drones to make deliveries. America uses drones to spy and for other defense purpose. We Indians are still stuck about the tea wala becoming prime minister when many countries in middle east are in flames .I prefer to listen to my wife rather then Arnab Goswami screeching on top of his voice.

Above the politics ,the Indian dilemma.

Is India at brink of a new Dawn or will continue to be in dismal state of affairs , only voters and time will reveal.The young Indian should be having high hopes from one Individual , Narendar Modi. Will Narendar Modi , emerge to be the next Iron Man after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ? As the current UPA government approaches to finish its second innings at center , one can understand the anti incumbency factor will hurt the UPA regime most,besides being marred by corruption, scandals and inflation. A common man may seek vengeance through ballot ,against the government at the center, without understanding the complexities of not being insulated any more .India is in dire need of a new leadership, who will mold India’s future and catch up with neighbors in terms of Infrastructure. No politician has magical wand and neither one individual is a panacea for all the problems.It is high time, that the politicians raise above corny politics.It is not just any more about secularism or polarization. It is about the GDP , the fiscal deficit,the value of Indian currency, the energy needs , the job creations and lastly the most crucial aspect , the population explosion. India needs to prepare itself and address new complex problems ,which may arise in near distant future , like unemployment , economy slow down and default by borrowers at a bigger scale , which is seen in PIGS.Will India get on its feet again and flung towards accelerated growth or crawl? Will India raise as a Superpower by 2020 ? Will India emerge with new model of growth or sink further into its own mediocrity? Will Indian voter prefer being prudent then loyalist?