The Outdated me – Bhalai ki supply is not my cup of tea.

Bhalai ki supply
The Yoga Guru says Breathing is essence of life . This statement seems irrelevant since we have been hijacked by numerous addictions and one such addiction is fondling with our phones. You may have noticed ( victim) or practitioner of flirting with your phones( unconsciously) , while still being in company of humans , with whom supposedly you intend to be in touch . The affair started with Facebook ,where in people were tempted to write comment on our post while we were anxiously waiting for our 15 min glory of fame. To an illiterate like me , who can’t write cheesy comments , “likes” was and is my savoir. And everything boiled down to how many comments and like? Moving on then came the era of instant messengers ,where the reaction time got drastically reduced further . Cheers ,kudos and what not with all those icons .Whatsapp . One may forget to say goodnight to there spouses but not the urge of check the Whatsapp one last time before another dawn, that should be irresistible. This new addiction came with its own features, buzzing and beeping every other second. I was trying catch up with the Facebook generation , bang another speedy means to be in touch with fellow humans . Damn ! I had to restart again , as if I am laggard and was one step behind the evolution cycle.There you saw a birth of a new group every other day . Family group , colleagues group , friends group ( from school, college) and ex-colleagues group and business partners group. Being married and employed , was not that enough to torment , that one is unleashed to wrath of infinite beeps and buzz…. I was about to choke myself , since I could not handle the pressure of the beeps and buzz , my wife came to my rescue and she silenced (settings)these beeps and buzzsssss.These days when I see advertisements of telecom companies compelling us to have more data based plans , I become numb.Days are not far when this addiction would have spread as an epidemic.#Bhalaikisupply .One may want to rewind and have those tring tring days back. Post messenger days , I have felt strongly that my life was much simple during FB days , one page to scroll and click on “likes”. Now I find myself divided among multiple groups. To conclude , trust me , it is hard to change the world. I tried to influence my wife but failed miserably. She is my motivation to be on whatsapp, while keeping me “Posted” ( verbally) about a new message is awaiting for my attention . Finally , my apologies if I have insulted you. You have “Smart” phones . I am new kid on the block.


Yes 30’s it is .

Reading news papers in the morning seem irrelevant. Listening to music is out of question specially when Yo Yo Honey Singh is teaching us the new  a b c . Life keeps churning its wheel between the to do list . The politicians have let us down , so has the cricket team overseas and movies is out of question , Bollywood  is retarded  , melodrama to no drama is absolutely big no. Life is on a big time holt between office , fast food ,shopping malls and online sales.All the self help books are biting dust.Listening hardship to raising a new born does put me in a fix. Just want to pull my hairs and scream , unfortunately have a military cut . Some times the petrol prices freak me , some times the increase in rent puts my heart in my mouth , some times phone bills make me crazy . Shaving and saving seems to be relevant things these days. Worsening traffic wants me to pierce dagger through my heart , don’t know about the anguish of proud owner of  four wheelers and the mileage of there vehicles. In the evenings , in fact night once back from work as a zombie , find a little solace in cooking shows since most of news channel will make you pull a bullet to your temple . And If accidentally  one find’s oneself alone then one can ponder about , why is he/she is here ? what is the purpose of life ? . Is one spiritual or atheist or religious , since hardly we are afraid of GOD , anymore. With evolution of us , humans , we have understood we need connections , contacts , money and booze and things can be taken care off , besides an updated LinkedIn profile.Finally the ritual of browsing FB is on decline since other people have fatigue of sharing there personal life on FB . Life seems chaos , can we fart about it. Hope there is life beyond EMIs  and bigger smart phones.

The saga of Ogle, smooching , BDMS and what the F ?

Recently been able to watch recently released  new Hindi movies  releases , English Vinglish  , Aiyya and student of the year. Out of the three movies sensible was English Vinglish , with a story and a message , the other two were  popcorn movies. Student of the year  being KJ’s movie the aesthetics of the movie were really good. We were wondering  the school where the story was evolving was even a school in  the first place.On the other end Aiyya was interesting movie but I guess we did see the unedited version of the movie. The makers of movie may have forgotten to use scissors being under duress by the actor in movie.   The movie had its moments to laugh out loud. The hindi movie makers severely suffer from dragging syndrome. Taking all the air  out of the movie  by end of second half , so was the case with both Aiyya and SOTY. An interesting article appeared in the TOI crest edition  , titled The female gaze and came across a world “Ogle” . My friend after watching  STOY movie expressed  his intention of making a six pack. I think there is some nexus between film makers and fitness industry . It is about acting and not the on screen presence learn from the veterans of Malayalam industry Mohan lal  and Mammooty they are Endomorph creatures ,who deliver performances  without taking there shirts off.We lazy butts end up paying for six months to a year and never turn up to the gym , making the gym franchisee a little richer. Our reservations about on screen kissing seems to be disappearing day in day out and there is very little awkwardness these days to sit and watch actors smooching on screen  along with parents pretending to be munching popcorn instead.A couple were so bored as I was watching Heroine, they recreated the smooching scene under the projector assuming everyone was watching movie , na not me. I had to make my self uncomfortable to turn around and  see them . Blame pheromones or Madhur Bhandarkar . I did take my chances and blame the film maker for being repetitive and mundane . Listen you all mummy ji’s and Papa ji’s  please ensure what content is suitable for children . Every movie  has a certification issued by censor board , SOTY got a U/A certificate. Other day a colleague of mine cited his  younger son using the “F” word and was taken aback. Mummy ji’s and Papa ji’s please ensure you lock up the doors before making out rather then hearing , what the fuck are you doing?  Other day couple of children playing a video game in cafe kept yelling  ” Fuck ” ,” Fuck “.I wonder what will the actor for X rated stuff would hold on to besides faking the “O”. To conclude a very typical yet a very hype song. Our desi version of Fifty shades of grey and contribution to BDMS.Its time I have my Lijjat Papad. Beware  Imran Hasmi the serial  kisser  is around the corner with his new movie lined up Rush. It should be hard to explain children why and how people kiss then make babies? Thanx to inquisitiveness of minds of the young ones.




Ever thought what a clown does when he is depressed?
It sure is tough being a clown.
Here is one who hasn’t stopped crying for days..
And he has plenty of reasons for it.
The one he loved the most has left him and gone away… for good.
Then, he is not getting any younger. In fact-he is old.
But more than anything else, he is depressed because he has been forced to perform this play.
He wasn’t supposed to play it tonight but circumstances have forced him to do this play about a king and his daughters..
written by, what’s his name-the great English writer,
you know, bald.. bearded-who says “thee-thou-thy”, you know..
That guy, whats-his-name, “the show must go on..” guy;
You know, the 16th century English writer.. oh well.
And now he is stuck;
this clown, who has enough problems of his own,
who can’t even remember the playwright’s name-
Now he is in a spot. He must perform.
Life isn’t fair…
Well, no wonder he is depressed!!

I happen to watch Vinay Pathak in Nothing Like Lear. Directed by Rajat Kapoor. One can always recall there on screen chemistry from Bheja Fry. The play is an monologue. The actor kept us the audience on the edge of our seat. The Theater was full . The play in terms of Direction was brilliant. There were moments , when there were roars of  laughter echoed in the auditorium, there were moments ,when there was pin drop silence  , there were moments ,when audience put words to Vinay’s mouth. Vinay took us through a roller coaster ride of performance.He was spontaneous, he did taunt about the traffic in Bangalore ,when the audience did keep pouring in even after the show had started.To conclude and to keep it crisp as the play was  ,I thoroughly enjoyed the play. And will recommend to people , who did love to laugh and see an actor perform different facets at the same time effortlessly. Three cheers for Nothing Like Lear and the Duo of Vinay and Rajat.

Note:-  One more show to be shown tomorrow. Link to Indiastage above.

WHAT LIES BENEATH – An app that bares all.

A couple of days back , this piece appears in TOI. Moosejaw, a retailer which focuses on outdoor recreation apparel and gear for snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and camping, introduced an new app – X-ray augmented reality app . See it for yourself. And the most interesting aspect of the company is , it does not sell underwear or lingerie. And the sales have gone by 37 %. That is interesting use of technology. The question is what lead customers buy, was it the actual product or festive season or the app or just the Moosejaw madness?


Note:- Title and the 1st pic appeared in TOI on 21.12.2011

Is Kapil Sibal the new DK Bose of the web?/ I hate you like I love you.


And here is another U turn from the government , besides the Lokpal bill and FDI in retail. Kapil Sibal Says there is ” No plan to censor web”. The idea of censorship of web is the joke of the year, possibly at least in Indian context. There exist numerous ” I hate communities” on the web have existed for  some good time now and the sudden attention of the minister , does baffle me. There are I / We hate Sonia Gandhi communities to  Narednra Modi  to  Mayawati.    The hate , communities are not the hate which boils down to violence, these communities have emerged due to freedom of expression and as well as with notion of having  point of view or independent  thought , which possibly may also be a vogue to a good extend. And being  public figure , one is always on the receiving end. The hatred, is more towards the action of the individuals then the individuals themselves. The  instigation of communal rites , misappropriation of public funds  and not supporting bills to curb corruption , is what makes people hate public figures.  Congress always takes pride , that RTI ( right to information act) is brain child of the Sonia Gandhi and so on and so forth.I think it is high and right time that Sonia Gandhi , makes a statement on the Lokpal bill , which is just not another bill passed and forgotten about. If  I had to start or be part of ” I hate communities then I would like to join  1. I hate Anna Hazare   and 2. I hate Kiran Bedi and Kejariwal. I hate Kiran Bedi for inflated ticket claims  and making a statement of returning the same. And Kejariwal , not paying dues to the government . And I hate Anna Hazare the most of the list I have . Anna Hazare is 74 years old  and frequently  fast and sheds weight. I hate him for his determination of shedding weight and fighting against corruption ,while we seat in our cozy air conditioned offices. And last but not the least the important question is , is Kapil Sibal the new DK Bose? And is that song Bhaag bhaag DK bose, DK bose, D K bose , playing in the background. Dear sir, if the government stands up and deliveries  , there shouldn’t be urge to censor the web in the first place. Some food for thought , sir.  And a song dedicated to you is ” I hate you like I love you”