The Indian Democracy


Is Indian democracy in a dire state? I feel the awe when I come across the nonfunctioning of the parliament. The tit for tat approach of the political parties isn’t helping the cause. The ruckus, which is been created in the parliament is mocking the Democracy itself. The custodians, the torchbearers of democracy, who have been vested with the responsibility of shaping and enabling the country to foray in next century can’t disown their own duty.

India needs to rise above the ideology, dynasty, caste, and religion based politics. These approaches are pure hindrances. The one and only basis of casting a vote should and should be the development of a constituency alone.

India needs to be ushered into next century with a strong sense of Nationalism and Humane outlook. This needs to be driven top to bottom, every single day for years to come.

There are very important issues to be addressed to survive the future. The population explosion, food security, Geopolitics, education, health, and infrastructure.

The Indian politicians are busy on prime time exchanging the mudslinging alone.

The newsreader should stop asking the Nation wants to know and ask, Nation wants you to do.

The usage of social media by political parties and news outlets are shaping up a strong point of views and are encouraging media trial before the investigation authorities and Judiciary do their part.

Can election commission put an end to creating more new political parties? The multi-political parties is making the Democracy more complex and lethargic.

It is high time and the right time, the Indian politician’s debate and deliberate. The divide and rule can’t be the norm anymore. The neighbors are gearing up big time and at a pace which is baffling.

The election rally’s and charm of the speaker is no more enticing. We need more enablers. The massive ones to unleash the potential of our country in a very complex and knitted world.

To conclude, we can’t miss out the bigger picture, Geopolitics.

If you disagree with me then at least share a better point of view so India can emerge as a World leader


Is Pink here to stay ?


Being a feminist is a double edge sword and it ranges from being a conservative to a liberal one. I find myself somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Every single instance of molestation is disheartening  and mocking at our sensibility  and intellect. The recent instances of women being molested will continue to recur until there is a contrast in our beliefs and our thoughts. We Indian families have a policy of silence on the major issues be it sex education or any sensitive issue for that matter. Since It is very easy to form an impression about the opposite sex (females) in era of Internet with plenty sleazy and demeaning songs. Unless and until the women themselves take the baton in their hands and shape the young minds and hearts in their houses with fearless conversations and strong point of view, there will be humiliation. Women are rebels and they have proved that consistently by being a tenacious homemaker to an ambitious career women and juggling the roles every single day. Look at your mother, sisters, daughters and spouse and you will resonate with me. Yes women are gorgeous and sensuous, the least we can do is to admire and appreciate , than make them victim of ogling, dishonoring and disparaging. Yes life is uncertain and there will be an outcome irrespective of whether you (women) were an instigator or not. It is a vicious cycle of who is to be blamed for every single heinous act committed. I strongly believe that we ( man/ women) should  take responsibility for factors which are in our circle of influence, be it the place , the people  and the time. Certainly condemnation is no consolation. Finally we Indian society are stuck between a  Dangal ( movie ) liberation and a  Pink ( movie ) decimation of a person. Can we be the change , the change we wish to see. Please do ponder.

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Sobha De , you aren’t wrong either about Indian athletes.


Where does India stand in the Olympics medal tally, when checked last time? 71st position and it was the last rank. Into the 12th day of Olympics, a 16 day event, due to Sakshi Malik’s effort, India managed to open the medal tally.

Recently, a tweet of Shoba  De  created a lot of stir about the contingent of Indian athletes.

I personally feel, she is entitled to it. The out bust of tweets by celebrities and sportsmen ,were an emotional out bust and not rational.

I came across an interesting headline and bit confusing as well.  “With 26 career Olympic medals, Phelps equals India’s record” . The most startling fact about the headline is, India has won only 26 medals since 1900. The event has been held 30 plus times since 1900 till the 2016 in Rio.

Let’s classify Indians in at least three buckets. First, who are least concerned about the Olympics, second, who read newspaper and criticize these athletes for lackluster performances and lastly, who expect miracles to happen.

Please be honest and look deep inside and reflect, we all know the Indian athletes aren’t going to win any medals.

Recently, Nalin Mehta wrote an article. He cited the the budget and expense for the preparation of Rio Olympics. Against allocated budget of Rs 46 crores only Rs 6 crores were spend.

Now let us categorize the athletes as well.  First, who got the perfect eco system to prepare themselves. Second, who were deprived of a complete eco system, essential in preparations.

Nalin Mehat’s article further throws light, the Indian contingent comprised of 118 athletes, 80 officials and to disbelieve only 14 support staff were issued training venue passes.

America, is holding the top position in the medal tally with 43 Gold. The reason is it spends Rs 22 a day per person against 3 paise per athlete a day in India.

Chetan Bhagat’s new article corroborates the investment and ROI model.

To conclude, we Indians suffer from Dementia (assumed), emotional instability and Patriotic fever.

This hue, cry, emotional sway, controversies and endless tweets are here for another few days, until the next Olympics. But the fact remains, the Rome was not build in a day. If at all the Government or Individuals are serious about the medals, then make there ambition public and provide platform for the talent to unlock its potential.

My heartiest congratulations to both Sakshi and PV sindhu for their accomplishments.

Is Banglore going to dogs?

Who drives India is a question keeps popping up in my mind? The governments have been paralyzed for a long time. Is government keen to do some real development rather than floating new populist schemes for poor at cost of increasing the deficit and having a full-page advertisement in the national dailies .Now our cities might be synonyms of “the rape city”, “the garbage city” and so forth? The Garden is out of the equation. The Garbage situation in Bangalore is not a problem of Bangalore alone but of the nation as whole. We may see posh buildings and on the corners garbage being dumped. The villages in Karnataka not allowing the garbage being dumped is a good move but is it a wakeup call for authorities in Bangalore is a question? Only temporary solutions are looked at, rather than solving the problem at once. I want to be a responsible citizen and will want to dispose garbage properly. However, there are no bins but spaces, which have eventually, have emerged as garbage disposable points; at least they do disappear from there to where I have no clue with guilt. Stink and waste of my vicinity is becoming someone’s headache. Today’s newspaper had two interesting articles. One is china has world’s longest high-speed rail network – about 9,300 km. The other interesting and disgusting news item is Rs 37 lakhs were spend on prez room in Suvarna Soudha room, where he stayed for one hour. The infrastructure in the city is decaying. One can see potholes remain neglected. Moreover, increase of vehicles is putting more pressure. The annoying part is the behavior of the riders and drivers. The honking during peak hours, while vehicles stand still bumper-to-bumper. The vehicles not being turned off and emitting smoke. In public transport, a notice reads diesel is priceless turn off the vehicle at signals and it goes unread. The riders taking the route of footpath to get ahead in the traffic. There have been numerous laws and more laws will be in place to safeguard the innocent and honest citizens but the point is how effectively they will be implemented. The resources may be inadequate and implementation might be only half-baked measures only. After the Delhi rape instance the state government of Karnataka announced plan to introduce GPS in autos, taxis, and CCTV camera in public transport buses. I urge the government and minister, to have adequate buses also in the first place so no women passenger is stranded and be victim of crime. Can India be a powerful nation? I doubt. We are nation who is being driven by millions of GODs in the place and then by mistake by individuals who have consciousness and then by who understand the commerce and lastly who know how to pocket money .Our attitude is completely callous towards others and our own duties. We are very good at passing the buck onto others. We always ask what the government and parents did for us? When is the right to ask what have we done for our parents and vicinity? I strongly urge the fellow riders and drivers not to drink and drive this New Year. To conclude I will try to do my bit by riding and disposing garbage in the appropriate manner as possible. Will you do your part by doing your share as well?

Is Clicking here to stay ?

This year on August 14, I was on leave and did visit Lalbagh for the annual flower show. The focus was exactly not on the flowers on the display for the most visitors but in fact the individuals or the groups were concerned about the poses, there smiles and the background of the pic . One could see more flashes around and more couples and groups trying their best to block your view of flowers. Is the trend of taking pics turning out to be a disorder. If we look at the add campaigns of Digital cameras, they are glamorous and quite enticing as well . I am bit confused . Why do we take pics ? The obvious answer is to capture a moment . Nevertheless, the moments needs to be lived completely while being capture if possible. What I strong feel and think is that the focus is only on capturing then living the moment itself. To live a moment completely is to be completely free of any baggage. The whole idea of taking a perfect picture actually destroys the whole experience of living in the moment . Who has ever enjoyed completely while being conscious? A few days back I was at UB city and wife is of the club , click until you die and upload them on FB. I had to tell her pls got ahead ,it is your day, today. There has always been a debate on reel cameras versus digital cameras, which is quite interesting to follow. Now the debate must be digital versus SLRs. According to an article on the web, people upload about 250 million photos on an average everyday on FB .Photography is one of the influential medium of expression and beautiful stories can be said through them. There is a very thin line between abuse and use of technology. Every single person who puts his/her hand on the click button needs to have rationality . The other day people kept clicking pics from their phones and cameras despite a warning on every exhibit of cake, reading Photography strictly prohibited. What we also need is civic sense ? To conclude to click or not to click is a personal choice but not being nuisance to others is not a choice but a mandate .You may see some of pics of cake , if my wife chose to do so.

Mamu Education system ki Vaatha kisne lagayi. ( Who messed up our education system)

If you remember from your college days , there must a professor or two ,who asked you to look at the question in the textbook  ,while ending up solving the problem on the board even without looking at the question himself. One can understand ,from this scenario, how dead is our education system is ? The emphasis is on mugging up stuff ,rather then understanding and applying what is learned in the classroom. A vendor of ours dropped in  couple of days back  ,during the conversation he made a statement ,” who owns land in India ( commercial space in this context) ” , its our politicians? And I take this statement one notch up.  Who owns education institutions ? Who owns media ? Who owns industries ? It is our politicians to a good extent. If one wants to do engineering or  Medicine from a private college from  a C grade state, the tuition fee must cost somewhere between roughly 5-7 lakhs  ( approx). And The same degrees from Private colleges in metro cities must cost almost double. And every year  ,hundreds of students pass out   with almost nothing in brains but a diploma/ degree to get framed and be hanged and sigh of relief of not studying again. A few years back , I came across a very interesting article in ET .Which spoke about the professors ,who teach Marketing & change management in B-schools, why don’t they market themselves or change and get a better profiles for themselves. There is a dialogues, from my favorite movie ” Rocket singh” , where the protagonist says  Jise kuch naye aata ,woh salesman naye banjatha  ( one who knows nothing does not become a salesman) . And in India the scene is/may be , Jise koiye job naye milthi , woh teaching line mein chalajatha hai  (one ,who gets no job ends up teaching). Lately I have been reading, our HDR Minister, Kapil Sibal’s opinion about letting the foreign universities setting up shops in India. And ,who will impart education in these institutions , the Indian professors / facilitators .,who are themselves in short supply these days.And the visiting faculties from USA and UK and dump hell lot of information on the students. Do we need to have foreign universities presence in India , is debatable . But the most important thing is to revamp the current education system. First and foremost to set up institutions for training the teachers /professors , on a bigger scale . The IIMs , does that and same model needs to be replicated on large scale. And if any such institution(s) exist ,then to make their role more prominent. The foreign universities , will definitely open a new chapter for research , at least that should be one of the pros. On the other hand , the education will end up being expensive and confined to few. The MBA fee at Harvard is about one crore , a friend of our professor confirmed ( without scholar ship). A dialogue from my other favorite movie ” Baand Baaja Bharat”  is ” Recession ho ya inflation , shaadiya too hooti rahathi hai” and same applies to higher education , be it recession or inflation , students will keep enrolling for higher education. Friends we need to use rubber ( eraser) or schools will spring up like poultry farm.

Note- Video is of  RSA animations.