The Outdated me – Bhalai ki supply is not my cup of tea.

Bhalai ki supply
The Yoga Guru says Breathing is essence of life . This statement seems irrelevant since we have been hijacked by numerous addictions and one such addiction is fondling with our phones. You may have noticed ( victim) or practitioner of flirting with your phones( unconsciously) , while still being in company of humans , with whom supposedly you intend to be in touch . The affair started with Facebook ,where in people were tempted to write comment on our post while we were anxiously waiting for our 15 min glory of fame. To an illiterate like me , who can’t write cheesy comments , “likes” was and is my savoir. And everything boiled down to how many comments and like? Moving on then came the era of instant messengers ,where the reaction time got drastically reduced further . Cheers ,kudos and what not with all those icons .Whatsapp . One may forget to say goodnight to there spouses but not the urge of check the Whatsapp one last time before another dawn, that should be irresistible. This new addiction came with its own features, buzzing and beeping every other second. I was trying catch up with the Facebook generation , bang another speedy means to be in touch with fellow humans . Damn ! I had to restart again , as if I am laggard and was one step behind the evolution cycle.There you saw a birth of a new group every other day . Family group , colleagues group , friends group ( from school, college) and ex-colleagues group and business partners group. Being married and employed , was not that enough to torment , that one is unleashed to wrath of infinite beeps and buzz…. I was about to choke myself , since I could not handle the pressure of the beeps and buzz , my wife came to my rescue and she silenced (settings)these beeps and buzzsssss.These days when I see advertisements of telecom companies compelling us to have more data based plans , I become numb.Days are not far when this addiction would have spread as an epidemic.#Bhalaikisupply .One may want to rewind and have those tring tring days back. Post messenger days , I have felt strongly that my life was much simple during FB days , one page to scroll and click on “likes”. Now I find myself divided among multiple groups. To conclude , trust me , it is hard to change the world. I tried to influence my wife but failed miserably. She is my motivation to be on whatsapp, while keeping me “Posted” ( verbally) about a new message is awaiting for my attention . Finally , my apologies if I have insulted you. You have “Smart” phones . I am new kid on the block.


Yes 30’s it is .

Reading news papers in the morning seem irrelevant. Listening to music is out of question specially when Yo Yo Honey Singh is teaching us the new  a b c . Life keeps churning its wheel between the to do list . The politicians have let us down , so has the cricket team overseas and movies is out of question , Bollywood  is retarded  , melodrama to no drama is absolutely big no. Life is on a big time holt between office , fast food ,shopping malls and online sales.All the self help books are biting dust.Listening hardship to raising a new born does put me in a fix. Just want to pull my hairs and scream , unfortunately have a military cut . Some times the petrol prices freak me , some times the increase in rent puts my heart in my mouth , some times phone bills make me crazy . Shaving and saving seems to be relevant things these days. Worsening traffic wants me to pierce dagger through my heart , don’t know about the anguish of proud owner of  four wheelers and the mileage of there vehicles. In the evenings , in fact night once back from work as a zombie , find a little solace in cooking shows since most of news channel will make you pull a bullet to your temple . And If accidentally  one find’s oneself alone then one can ponder about , why is he/she is here ? what is the purpose of life ? . Is one spiritual or atheist or religious , since hardly we are afraid of GOD , anymore. With evolution of us , humans , we have understood we need connections , contacts , money and booze and things can be taken care off , besides an updated LinkedIn profile.Finally the ritual of browsing FB is on decline since other people have fatigue of sharing there personal life on FB . Life seems chaos , can we fart about it. Hope there is life beyond EMIs  and bigger smart phones.

Will it get any better from here

Chaos, it is. Don’t you feel the same. One should hate oneself for switching on television to catch up with what’s happening in world on Indian news channels. Indian news channel trigger rage in me. We are so occupied with making a living, we tend either to forget or neglect lot many issues, which effect us. The innumerable potholes, the uncountable uneven surfaced roads,the over flowing gutter water on roads and the unbearable smell , the footpaths been hijacked by two wheelers , rider or driver trying to do multitasking , while being on phone. The roads being dug and never leveled and patched, we after sixty years are still don’t have a effective drainage system. India a emerging super power, by what imagination do we say so despite of lavish new terminal at Mumbai airport.Since independence the political parties have been talking about ideologies and been nothing but populist. I am glad the aggression shown by Indian Government to rescue Devyani khobragade. Where is this same aggression when our neighbor’s army intrude into Indian territory. The era prompted by ideologies is over , it will be better if political parties understand this and get down and actually work in parliament rather then disrupting it for every other thing. What India or any country needs is good governance and effective delivery mechanism rather then populist scheme burdening the tax payers.Populism and population are things , which no political party willing to speak about , there sole interest is to increase their voter base and win elections and recover investments made in elections.Will AAP be an ideal party is too soon to say in context of raising funds.Is Indian Government spending billions in creating infrastructure like china is ? The answer is no.The debates, the arguments and counter arguments ,the allegations and slinging mud at each other is enough. These so called intellect opinions are annoying to the core. I prefer to watch these days cooking shows then the news , where a panel of half a dozen people are forcefully fitted in our television screens for no good reason. The politician, who are opposing FDI should check what brand underpants they wear and which car they drive around. To conclude Amazon and Dominos may use drones to make deliveries. America uses drones to spy and for other defense purpose. We Indians are still stuck about the tea wala becoming prime minister when many countries in middle east are in flames .I prefer to listen to my wife rather then Arnab Goswami screeching on top of his voice.

Above the politics ,the Indian dilemma.

Is India at brink of a new Dawn or will continue to be in dismal state of affairs , only voters and time will reveal.The young Indian should be having high hopes from one Individual , Narendar Modi. Will Narendar Modi , emerge to be the next Iron Man after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ? As the current UPA government approaches to finish its second innings at center , one can understand the anti incumbency factor will hurt the UPA regime most,besides being marred by corruption, scandals and inflation. A common man may seek vengeance through ballot ,against the government at the center, without understanding the complexities of not being insulated any more .India is in dire need of a new leadership, who will mold India’s future and catch up with neighbors in terms of Infrastructure. No politician has magical wand and neither one individual is a panacea for all the problems.It is high time, that the politicians raise above corny politics.It is not just any more about secularism or polarization. It is about the GDP , the fiscal deficit,the value of Indian currency, the energy needs , the job creations and lastly the most crucial aspect , the population explosion. India needs to prepare itself and address new complex problems ,which may arise in near distant future , like unemployment , economy slow down and default by borrowers at a bigger scale , which is seen in PIGS.Will India get on its feet again and flung towards accelerated growth or crawl? Will India raise as a Superpower by 2020 ? Will India emerge with new model of growth or sink further into its own mediocrity? Will Indian voter prefer being prudent then loyalist?

Did you really earn your Driving Licence.

It is quite a pleasure to ride on smooth roads with less or no traffic at all. What amazes me is not the engines, the curves of the vehicle or the exquisite interiors either , but just two aspects of the vehicles the indicators and the side mirrors .Things have changed for indicators , previously they were things of the night . Now indicators are even used in the day and most importantly they are visible in the day light as well , which was missing in the past.Now , hardly one sees a driver or rider using his hand to show the side but just switch on the indicators . My wife being a pillion rider is always nervous and keeps making a comment or two specially when I change the lanes . I think she does not know about my affair. My affair with the side mirror . I just love them immensely for there utility. It is hard to understand , how can a rider have no side mirror. Is that a style statement or stupidity , only time can tell. our new two wheeler came with two side mirrors and since the the side mirror on the left side was an hurdle while parking the vehicle at night , I did get it removed. I wondered , who needs two side mirrors . I am back to square one and in desperate need of the other side mirror as well. In last two days , I have been having hard time riding the two wheeler at decent speed as well. Been sandwiched between two vehicles , specially the ones coming from the left do put me on off guard and increases the level of cortisol , particularly, the riders from behind ,who pass through like a tornado leaving me completely shaken , annoying and furious.The way we drive or ride our vehicles does exhibit our behavior .Yesterday , on the way to watch a play in the peak hours of traffic out of nowhere , a biker decides to do wheeling for a good stint with no protective guards . It is quite annoying to see sights like this.
One can see the hoardings in the city emphasizing to follow lane discipline , but who cares? Riding in the night are my worst night mares . Not because the nights are chilly but the high beam lights coming from other side of the road, makes it very difficult to ride in the night. I have been riding with low beam. Out of frustration , I wanted to understand the concept of low and high beam lights for city limits and found some answers.

Have seen the drivers on the high ways using high beams was something picked by common sense. The other day, Nitin was following us and the head lights were on high beam was reflecting in the side mirror and getting scattered and causing irritation and blindness.Roads not having street lights and potholes not being repaired creates lot of chaos while riding.Came across an interesting articles highlighting the hazards of high beam lights . One can’t adopt an approach , if you make me blind , I will make some one else blind as well.To conclude let us pledge to follow lanes and use low beam lights in city limits and use dipping as and when needed and not to over take from left side of the roads and be a responsible driver and rider and be safe.

The Resolution for the new year.

Note:- Do not keep staring at those breast ,which may induce pervertness in you. who knows they may be of silicon?

Just a day to go and a new year is around. I am still scratching my head how will we celebrate and welcome the new year? And the biggest of the dilemmas are the resolutions for the new year. I think most of us must be sailing in the same ship at least about the latter.One loses heart by watching the morning news , its about rapes and rapes alone. The news channels keeps reporting rapes from across the country and columnist keep penning about the rapes.The new year is sweet music to ears of the retailers starting from X’mas .One can change there wardrobe to hitting gyms( losing weight ) to Giving up to smoke and drink and list may be endless.I wonder what resolutions will politicians take up ? Think of newer ways to disrupt the working of parliament, newer ways to misuse there position.Set them aside , what new year resolution will possible actress take up? not to wear sleazy clothes anymore , not to do item songs and may be not to smooch on the screen. Possibly avoiding lot may erections and pervert thoughts.There is a huge responsibilities on the shoulders of the prostitutes or in more refined manner escorts to ensure there services are responsibly priced and the customer satisfaction index is soaring high , at least few instances of sexual assault can be avoided.The censor board and IB ministry should take up resolutions of banning every X rated stuff ,where the porn actors have over acted and promoted a wrong notion of coitus and also to run a disclaimer below every X rated stuff ” Do not try this at home or else where ” , ” God is watching u” or ” Content is only for educational purpose”. After these instances of Rape at least two people must be under tremendous pressure Mahesh Bhatt and Ponam Pandey, what should be there next move ? Murder 3 is to release shortly.

What measures can we men adopt not to unleash the beast inside us outside ? Gifting our wives  pictorial copies of  Kamasutra, buy a copy of  DVD of  cindy crawford – shape your body workout , to stand in front of the mirror undressed to understand the reality and also  may be  start wearing blinkers like race horses as well, last but  not the least the other option  can be to join the stasang groups and devote our remaining  lives to GODs , then be lost in the lust .Hereby , I humbly request women to spare us from the sight of cleavages and butt cracks and I thank them in advance for a good cause. To conclude the victims of rapes don’t need our sympathy , all they need is our empathy for the  trauma they under go and to behave as sensible and responsible citizens . Mrs. Emraan Hashmi, you should be having space for breather , Mr. Emraan  may for sometime might not be on the screens smooching  for at least sometime .Dear fellow Indians , since we suffer from Amnesia and most importantly not the victim does not mean we can take things for granted .Humor , entertainment and sleazy differ from each other but these days its hard to say what is what? My new year resolution is to wear blinkers. Will this year be any new?

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!!!



Is Banglore going to dogs?

Who drives India is a question keeps popping up in my mind? The governments have been paralyzed for a long time. Is government keen to do some real development rather than floating new populist schemes for poor at cost of increasing the deficit and having a full-page advertisement in the national dailies .Now our cities might be synonyms of “the rape city”, “the garbage city” and so forth? The Garden is out of the equation. The Garbage situation in Bangalore is not a problem of Bangalore alone but of the nation as whole. We may see posh buildings and on the corners garbage being dumped. The villages in Karnataka not allowing the garbage being dumped is a good move but is it a wakeup call for authorities in Bangalore is a question? Only temporary solutions are looked at, rather than solving the problem at once. I want to be a responsible citizen and will want to dispose garbage properly. However, there are no bins but spaces, which have eventually, have emerged as garbage disposable points; at least they do disappear from there to where I have no clue with guilt. Stink and waste of my vicinity is becoming someone’s headache. Today’s newspaper had two interesting articles. One is china has world’s longest high-speed rail network – about 9,300 km. The other interesting and disgusting news item is Rs 37 lakhs were spend on prez room in Suvarna Soudha room, where he stayed for one hour. The infrastructure in the city is decaying. One can see potholes remain neglected. Moreover, increase of vehicles is putting more pressure. The annoying part is the behavior of the riders and drivers. The honking during peak hours, while vehicles stand still bumper-to-bumper. The vehicles not being turned off and emitting smoke. In public transport, a notice reads diesel is priceless turn off the vehicle at signals and it goes unread. The riders taking the route of footpath to get ahead in the traffic. There have been numerous laws and more laws will be in place to safeguard the innocent and honest citizens but the point is how effectively they will be implemented. The resources may be inadequate and implementation might be only half-baked measures only. After the Delhi rape instance the state government of Karnataka announced plan to introduce GPS in autos, taxis, and CCTV camera in public transport buses. I urge the government and minister, to have adequate buses also in the first place so no women passenger is stranded and be victim of crime. Can India be a powerful nation? I doubt. We are nation who is being driven by millions of GODs in the place and then by mistake by individuals who have consciousness and then by who understand the commerce and lastly who know how to pocket money .Our attitude is completely callous towards others and our own duties. We are very good at passing the buck onto others. We always ask what the government and parents did for us? When is the right to ask what have we done for our parents and vicinity? I strongly urge the fellow riders and drivers not to drink and drive this New Year. To conclude I will try to do my bit by riding and disposing garbage in the appropriate manner as possible. Will you do your part by doing your share as well?