Happy Independence Day,but happy about what ?

India ,celebrated 69th year of Independence yesterday on 15th August. One could see plenty of selfies on social media with the Indian flags. One thing to be critical of is ,why does the patriotism oozes out for one day alone in most of us? The Prime Minister yesterday ,pointed out that ,not a single scam has emerged in one year of being in power. I am taken aback . Late Kalam sab , your India 2020 , may remain a vision only. This monsoon session of Parliament was nothing, but mud-slinging and tax payers money was down the drain. It is high time that the Political parties be it the opposition a decade back or the opposition now ,make it a priority to let the Parliament function normally and take all the Dharna and Drama take place out side the Parliament only. In 69th year of Independence , a common man is still concerned about where to dump the garbage? , why the potholes reappear again ?,will he get a raise or not ?, will he get promotion or not ?,while choosing a representative through ballot ,who in turn is suppose to lay down the path for progress and prosperity .  Sadly , a common man will have to wait until the democratic machinery works with least friction . But when ? Why not make the public servants “Accountable ” across ? An Independent agency , tracking the deliverable of each public servant ,set by the Government and same is accessible with out the hiccup of RTI . All the financial transaction open to public post the bidding on the Internet except the sensitive one’s. A quarterly report card of all the public servants against the KPI. Unfortunately , today a common man knows is a symbol or two , but not the KRA  and  actual deliverable of the representative of their constituency. The Irony of this India is , a policeman ,will click a photo of you violating a traffic signal but will not take a photo of pothole on the roads. The linear way of thinking has to go ,since our problems are no more simple. The honest and incorruptible either depart early like Manjunath Shanmugam or get lost in vicious cycle of transfers.Does our blood boil ? yes , for few minutes only, while munching pop corn in an recliner seat. The film makers have milked the ideology of corruption less society be it Nayak , Indian , Gabbar is back , Anniyan and Ungli  among others. What should we be happy about ? Our delegation has not worked  in pristine manner.”Development is not dependent on a symbol ,but on Intent”. I am just another common man and my concern for tomorrow is how will I survive a snail paced traffic until another weekend ?  


Freedom ( Independence day ) And We Retailers.

A friend of mine did send me an sms on 14th Aug wishing me happy Independence day in advance. And it did not invoke any emotion in me . I have never seen the prade on the 15 th August on tele which is followed by Prime Minister addressing the nation.Though did see a big flag being tied to an auto , people wearing those batches , sold by children on the road side. Its not anymore about the Independence , its all about freedom. Yes freedom , we retailers found the connection with freedom ( independence day) and a reason to buy. Star Bazaar’s Banner read “FREEDOM FROM HIGH PRICES”,  Planetm came with the offer called ” FREEDOM FROM YOUR JUNK”. Reliance went a step further and 1947 was the theme. Buy for Rs 1947 /- and get clothes worth of Rs 1947/-, Unior too rolled out a Plan  on same theme of 1947. A friend from School days (MBA) lost his temper when last year back some shopkepper asked what would you do with the flag? That is quite hilarious. I was visiting our outlet at Mantri Mall, a standy of a  restaurant  mentioned about it serving  Vegetarian food , stating lets eat vegetarian food on occassion of 15th August remembering our great leaders. Food , wow ! I love the idea. The other day ( couple of days before 15 th Aug) a shop had hoisted the flag and the flag was hoisted upside down and one of them noticed and got it corrected. Bank of Baroada on 15th Aug ( advertisement in Business Line) read on front page” freedom is to use technologies that give wings and not tie hads” ( A line from the add) .


from lies,

from our ego’s

from our fears,

is the freedom and only freedom.

And when I saw a banner of Reliance trend , I could not understand what was it all about 1947 and then I realized , its the year we got Independence……………………………. , from what I am still wondering.