The Outdated me – Bhalai ki supply is not my cup of tea.

Bhalai ki supply
The Yoga Guru says Breathing is essence of life . This statement seems irrelevant since we have been hijacked by numerous addictions and one such addiction is fondling with our phones. You may have noticed ( victim) or practitioner of flirting with your phones( unconsciously) , while still being in company of humans , with whom supposedly you intend to be in touch . The affair started with Facebook ,where in people were tempted to write comment on our post while we were anxiously waiting for our 15 min glory of fame. To an illiterate like me , who can’t write cheesy comments , “likes” was and is my savoir. And everything boiled down to how many comments and like? Moving on then came the era of instant messengers ,where the reaction time got drastically reduced further . Cheers ,kudos and what not with all those icons .Whatsapp . One may forget to say goodnight to there spouses but not the urge of check the Whatsapp one last time before another dawn, that should be irresistible. This new addiction came with its own features, buzzing and beeping every other second. I was trying catch up with the Facebook generation , bang another speedy means to be in touch with fellow humans . Damn ! I had to restart again , as if I am laggard and was one step behind the evolution cycle.There you saw a birth of a new group every other day . Family group , colleagues group , friends group ( from school, college) and ex-colleagues group and business partners group. Being married and employed , was not that enough to torment , that one is unleashed to wrath of infinite beeps and buzz…. I was about to choke myself , since I could not handle the pressure of the beeps and buzz , my wife came to my rescue and she silenced (settings)these beeps and buzzsssss.These days when I see advertisements of telecom companies compelling us to have more data based plans , I become numb.Days are not far when this addiction would have spread as an epidemic.#Bhalaikisupply .One may want to rewind and have those tring tring days back. Post messenger days , I have felt strongly that my life was much simple during FB days , one page to scroll and click on “likes”. Now I find myself divided among multiple groups. To conclude , trust me , it is hard to change the world. I tried to influence my wife but failed miserably. She is my motivation to be on whatsapp, while keeping me “Posted” ( verbally) about a new message is awaiting for my attention . Finally , my apologies if I have insulted you. You have “Smart” phones . I am new kid on the block.


What an Idea sir ji. Idea 3G

Today morning, I did keep my newspaper aside to blog . I could not contain myself. The sense of humor is quite essential . And the creativity of ad makers is amazing and confrims. Couple of days back I had read, airtel increasing tariff of the calls in certain circles .And as we understand despite the call rates being the lowest but the telecom companies are not making any money from calls made. Precisely the ARPU ( average revenue per user) has declined. The source of revenue for the telecom companies until very recent were and are  VAS that is value added services like Sms , ringtones etc…. And since the high invest in the 3 G is the bet which the telecom companies are taking on. Today morning I was seeing the add of Idea 3G ,featuring Abhishek Bachan ,tickled me about the population control. I think it is high time ,a study should be conducted if not yet, to ascertain the co-relation between population and TV sets and cable at homes in India.I remember a scene from a comedy sitcom,where the conversations ends up since we didn’t have television at home ,we ended up having children.The contraceptive industry should hit back hard . The pleasure of having sex should not extinct  because aunties  of yesterday’s era doesn’t want to have grey hair or wrinkles and cricketers becoming entertainers .Who the hell would read the sections in Times of India with tips for having great sex , smooth sex  with lot of steamy pics of smooching and lip locking ? What will happen to the sales of the Musli power , cut out of which are there in public transport buses behind each seat? An article read face book and twitter are as dangerous as drugs ,possbily we know the reason of death of Amy winehouse and soon there shall be deaths reported due to social networking sites as well and above it to add fuel to fire 3G is here. Fortunately or unfortunately Ash and Abhishek conceived before the 3G. May be days are here when there shall be Is raat ki subha hogyi( this night shall see the light of the day). I beg the telecom companies not to snatch away the cheapest way of fun and frolic,which ensures a healthy life despite of having a  sedentary lifestyle.There are many like me ,who would love to master the legacy of Vatsyayna and contribute to the bottom line of contraceptive companies as and when we get our license (marriage).