Happy Independence Day,but happy about what ?

India ,celebrated 69th year of Independence yesterday on 15th August. One could see plenty of selfies on social media with the Indian flags. One thing to be critical of is ,why does the patriotism oozes out for one day alone in most of us? The Prime Minister yesterday ,pointed out that ,not a single scam has emerged in one year of being in power. I am taken aback . Late Kalam sab , your India 2020 , may remain a vision only. This monsoon session of Parliament was nothing, but mud-slinging and tax payers money was down the drain. It is high time that the Political parties be it the opposition a decade back or the opposition now ,make it a priority to let the Parliament function normally and take all the Dharna and Drama take place out side the Parliament only. In 69th year of Independence , a common man is still concerned about where to dump the garbage? , why the potholes reappear again ?,will he get a raise or not ?, will he get promotion or not ?,while choosing a representative through ballot ,who in turn is suppose to lay down the path for progress and prosperity .  Sadly , a common man will have to wait until the democratic machinery works with least friction . But when ? Why not make the public servants “Accountable ” across ? An Independent agency , tracking the deliverable of each public servant ,set by the Government and same is accessible with out the hiccup of RTI . All the financial transaction open to public post the bidding on the Internet except the sensitive one’s. A quarterly report card of all the public servants against the KPI. Unfortunately , today a common man knows is a symbol or two , but not the KRA  and  actual deliverable of the representative of their constituency. The Irony of this India is , a policeman ,will click a photo of you violating a traffic signal but will not take a photo of pothole on the roads. The linear way of thinking has to go ,since our problems are no more simple. The honest and incorruptible either depart early like Manjunath Shanmugam or get lost in vicious cycle of transfers.Does our blood boil ? yes , for few minutes only, while munching pop corn in an recliner seat. The film makers have milked the ideology of corruption less society be it Nayak , Indian , Gabbar is back , Anniyan and Ungli  among others. What should we be happy about ? Our delegation has not worked  in pristine manner.”Development is not dependent on a symbol ,but on Intent”. I am just another common man and my concern for tomorrow is how will I survive a snail paced traffic until another weekend ?  


The Resolution for the new year.

Note:- Do not keep staring at those breast ,which may induce pervertness in you. who knows they may be of silicon?

Just a day to go and a new year is around. I am still scratching my head how will we celebrate and welcome the new year? And the biggest of the dilemmas are the resolutions for the new year. I think most of us must be sailing in the same ship at least about the latter.One loses heart by watching the morning news , its about rapes and rapes alone. The news channels keeps reporting rapes from across the country and columnist keep penning about the rapes.The new year is sweet music to ears of the retailers starting from X’mas .One can change there wardrobe to hitting gyms( losing weight ) to Giving up to smoke and drink and list may be endless.I wonder what resolutions will politicians take up ? Think of newer ways to disrupt the working of parliament, newer ways to misuse there position.Set them aside , what new year resolution will possible actress take up? not to wear sleazy clothes anymore , not to do item songs and may be not to smooch on the screen. Possibly avoiding lot may erections and pervert thoughts.There is a huge responsibilities on the shoulders of the prostitutes or in more refined manner escorts to ensure there services are responsibly priced and the customer satisfaction index is soaring high , at least few instances of sexual assault can be avoided.The censor board and IB ministry should take up resolutions of banning every X rated stuff ,where the porn actors have over acted and promoted a wrong notion of coitus and also to run a disclaimer below every X rated stuff ” Do not try this at home or else where ” , ” God is watching u” or ” Content is only for educational purpose”. After these instances of Rape at least two people must be under tremendous pressure Mahesh Bhatt and Ponam Pandey, what should be there next move ? Murder 3 is to release shortly.

What measures can we men adopt not to unleash the beast inside us outside ? Gifting our wives  pictorial copies of  Kamasutra, buy a copy of  DVD of  cindy crawford – shape your body workout , to stand in front of the mirror undressed to understand the reality and also  may be  start wearing blinkers like race horses as well, last but  not the least the other option  can be to join the stasang groups and devote our remaining  lives to GODs , then be lost in the lust .Hereby , I humbly request women to spare us from the sight of cleavages and butt cracks and I thank them in advance for a good cause. To conclude the victims of rapes don’t need our sympathy , all they need is our empathy for the  trauma they under go and to behave as sensible and responsible citizens . Mrs. Emraan Hashmi, you should be having space for breather , Mr. Emraan  may for sometime might not be on the screens smooching  for at least sometime .Dear fellow Indians , since we suffer from Amnesia and most importantly not the victim does not mean we can take things for granted .Humor , entertainment and sleazy differ from each other but these days its hard to say what is what? My new year resolution is to wear blinkers. Will this year be any new?

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!!!



Corruption ,confession and concession

The Sunday’s newspaper were all about Anna . And the momentum against corruption is at almost at its peak. The Lok Pal bill or Jan Lok Pal bill either of the proposed mechanisms are supposedly the means of booking the culprits after the crime of flaunting with the norms is committed. Whereas the core question remains is ,who is corrupt and who is corrupting and why the corruption is spreading like a cancer ? A set of individuals and or individuals ,who under the pretence of corporate entities ,with pile of cash on hands and competitors in the market ,wants the first mover advantage ,by bending and flaunting the policies of Government via government officials. So why are government officials ,becoming victim of greed? It is quite obvious when there are small cars, mid-size cars, sedans, luxury cars, MUVs , SUVs , 14″ TV to 52″ TV, from one BKH to palate houses.Everybody wants more . The obsession of possession and exhibition of the same is the deadliest disease.As we evolve to be a consumeristic society , the corruption , will be sky rocketing .The corruption can, by and large be checked and specially in era of technology. The IT and internet ,have largely played an important role . The payment of taxes is just one example.Reducing the human interface with technology is one of the best solutions and which will eventually should happen once the UID covers most of us. Corruption is something ,which is in our DNA and can’t be turned off.What the government can do is ,to create process and system, which it is trying to put in place to ensure the delivery mechanism of benefits are agile and accurate to individuals and corporates as well. There is lot been said about civil society and there are factions emerging as well within the so-called civil society. I suppose ,people ,who were left out of the limelight for quite sometime ,have swung in action. At last a law ,which has every individual under the purview of law should be passed,except the sensitive issues like national interest and foreign policy be considered as exceptions.Be it any political party , each one has its share of skeletons in the cupboards. And since everyone has run out of agendas and false promises, are making merry out of the ruling Government. And hoping for a wild swing of voters.While television houses ,getting hell of the content.


It was the usual conversation , we,five men and the talk was politics  , of course . Back home , on the weekends specially on the sundays , either we or uncles from B road would drop in for dinner mostly. And prior to it the tea sipping and of course the game of cards, which I am not good at and  a conversation about the politics. And each one of the uncles and pa trying to outsmart each other by sharing what they happen to read in newspapers or saw on the news channel or heard from someone, whom they consider as reliable.I have seen PM  like P.V. Narshima Rao, I.K Gujral, H.D. Devagowda, Vajpayee and lastly the current Prime Minister with his second term,Manmohan Singh . I have heard about the verdict of Bofors case, the Bhopla’s gas tragedy, Ayodhya verdict, Sikh riots in 80’s and the Gujarat riots  to name a few . And the latest the Common wealth games and the Adarsh Colony scam. The justice is not only delayed but also denied. The system is so meek. What is the point in talking about politics in the frist place, I never understood? Recently the Karanataka ‘s BJP formed  Government and the “Nataka” , was just shameful. The point is , now it is very much accepted norm that all politicians and Political parties are corrupt .And suggestions in air is always lingering about a two party system. There is optimisms. Can we dare to ask a question , why is the political system so ? I remember a line from Hindi movie Gangajaal , where ,Ajay Devgan ,says ” Every society gets  the police of same nature as they are”  .If society is corrupt , so will  be police and politicians , as well.  Can corruption be uprooted, no never ,until the parameter of measuring a person is his/her intellect, character and  not his/her bank balance.We pay people for what they are suppose to do. A cousin of mine lost his cellphone and we needed to file a report to get a insurance claim. And we went and it was done quickly and as intended to walk out after saying “Thank you” , the policewala , asked for moeny. I offered Rs 50 , and ended up paying Rs 100/-. A lot of independent candidate or Political party by Baba Ramdev , is not going to change anything. If change has to be happen, then it should start from each one of us. We need to change as an individual ,first.I did also try to vomit the knowledge I had grasped by reading the newspapers , among those other 4 men. And I have the guilt of having waste my energy and our time.Because , who want to change anyway?