The Outdated me – Bhalai ki supply is not my cup of tea.

Bhalai ki supply
The Yoga Guru says Breathing is essence of life . This statement seems irrelevant since we have been hijacked by numerous addictions and one such addiction is fondling with our phones. You may have noticed ( victim) or practitioner of flirting with your phones( unconsciously) , while still being in company of humans , with whom supposedly you intend to be in touch . The affair started with Facebook ,where in people were tempted to write comment on our post while we were anxiously waiting for our 15 min glory of fame. To an illiterate like me , who can’t write cheesy comments , “likes” was and is my savoir. And everything boiled down to how many comments and like? Moving on then came the era of instant messengers ,where the reaction time got drastically reduced further . Cheers ,kudos and what not with all those icons .Whatsapp . One may forget to say goodnight to there spouses but not the urge of check the Whatsapp one last time before another dawn, that should be irresistible. This new addiction came with its own features, buzzing and beeping every other second. I was trying catch up with the Facebook generation , bang another speedy means to be in touch with fellow humans . Damn ! I had to restart again , as if I am laggard and was one step behind the evolution cycle.There you saw a birth of a new group every other day . Family group , colleagues group , friends group ( from school, college) and ex-colleagues group and business partners group. Being married and employed , was not that enough to torment , that one is unleashed to wrath of infinite beeps and buzz…. I was about to choke myself , since I could not handle the pressure of the beeps and buzz , my wife came to my rescue and she silenced (settings)these beeps and buzzsssss.These days when I see advertisements of telecom companies compelling us to have more data based plans , I become numb.Days are not far when this addiction would have spread as an epidemic.#Bhalaikisupply .One may want to rewind and have those tring tring days back. Post messenger days , I have felt strongly that my life was much simple during FB days , one page to scroll and click on “likes”. Now I find myself divided among multiple groups. To conclude , trust me , it is hard to change the world. I tried to influence my wife but failed miserably. She is my motivation to be on whatsapp, while keeping me “Posted” ( verbally) about a new message is awaiting for my attention . Finally , my apologies if I have insulted you. You have “Smart” phones . I am new kid on the block.


I tried But(t) my boobs won’t talk like theres.

I tried but(t) my boobs won’t talk like there’s. I sat down in a quite room / a room where there was silence¬† alone. And tried to hear , if my breast were making any conversation. I thought they were stressed as me. I sprayed¬† the room fresher and took a deep breathe and let go the stale air . But nothing happened.Then I thought the sitting posture might not be correct. I did straighten up my spine and did try to be calmer and tried to focus ,if they were even whispering to each other, Na . But did see these boobs talking (check the video) Check it out for yourself.

“Better legs and better butts with every step”

Location where I sat:- The heaven on the earth. The washroom ,on the commode. Is the topic debatable. We can debate. You are welcome.

Writing Humor.

This is just my second post and I am going blank. I must confess I am not a keyboard kind of person and therefore went to the conventional way of writing took pen and papers and wrote couple of pieces one on boobs [saw one episode on breast on bullshit season 5 .Check out ] if you have not heard of them and then another piece on bottom/butt. I felt both of them do not go hand in hand with my image [public] therefore never posted.

While thinking about ideas my mind and knees pained alike . A yoga manual was lying next to the table and I scanned/glanced the book and came across a Asana called , Sirsha-asana. And one of the benefits of this asana is increases circulation to the brain, which causes improved brain function (intelligence and memory) and increased vitality and confidence. Neither did the brain function improve nor did the vitality. Now I remember why? I could not do it in the first place my belly became an hindrance.

Therefore I conclude not just my mind but belly was hindrance