The Indian Democracy


Is Indian democracy in a dire state? I feel the awe when I come across the nonfunctioning of the parliament. The tit for tat approach of the political parties isn’t helping the cause. The ruckus, which is been created in the parliament is mocking the Democracy itself. The custodians, the torchbearers of democracy, who have been vested with the responsibility of shaping and enabling the country to foray in next century can’t disown their own duty.

India needs to rise above the ideology, dynasty, caste, and religion based politics. These approaches are pure hindrances. The one and only basis of casting a vote should and should be the development of a constituency alone.

India needs to be ushered into next century with a strong sense of Nationalism and Humane outlook. This needs to be driven top to bottom, every single day for years to come.

There are very important issues to be addressed to survive the future. The population explosion, food security, Geopolitics, education, health, and infrastructure.

The Indian politicians are busy on prime time exchanging the mudslinging alone.

The newsreader should stop asking the Nation wants to know and ask, Nation wants you to do.

The usage of social media by political parties and news outlets are shaping up a strong point of views and are encouraging media trial before the investigation authorities and Judiciary do their part.

Can election commission put an end to creating more new political parties? The multi-political parties is making the Democracy more complex and lethargic.

It is high time and the right time, the Indian politician’s debate and deliberate. The divide and rule can’t be the norm anymore. The neighbors are gearing up big time and at a pace which is baffling.

The election rally’s and charm of the speaker is no more enticing. We need more enablers. The massive ones to unleash the potential of our country in a very complex and knitted world.

To conclude, we can’t miss out the bigger picture, Geopolitics.

If you disagree with me then at least share a better point of view so India can emerge as a World leader


Happy Independence Day,but happy about what ?

India ,celebrated 69th year of Independence yesterday on 15th August. One could see plenty of selfies on social media with the Indian flags. One thing to be critical of is ,why does the patriotism oozes out for one day alone in most of us? The Prime Minister yesterday ,pointed out that ,not a single scam has emerged in one year of being in power. I am taken aback . Late Kalam sab , your India 2020 , may remain a vision only. This monsoon session of Parliament was nothing, but mud-slinging and tax payers money was down the drain. It is high time that the Political parties be it the opposition a decade back or the opposition now ,make it a priority to let the Parliament function normally and take all the Dharna and Drama take place out side the Parliament only. In 69th year of Independence , a common man is still concerned about where to dump the garbage? , why the potholes reappear again ?,will he get a raise or not ?, will he get promotion or not ?,while choosing a representative through ballot ,who in turn is suppose to lay down the path for progress and prosperity .  Sadly , a common man will have to wait until the democratic machinery works with least friction . But when ? Why not make the public servants “Accountable ” across ? An Independent agency , tracking the deliverable of each public servant ,set by the Government and same is accessible with out the hiccup of RTI . All the financial transaction open to public post the bidding on the Internet except the sensitive one’s. A quarterly report card of all the public servants against the KPI. Unfortunately , today a common man knows is a symbol or two , but not the KRA  and  actual deliverable of the representative of their constituency. The Irony of this India is , a policeman ,will click a photo of you violating a traffic signal but will not take a photo of pothole on the roads. The linear way of thinking has to go ,since our problems are no more simple. The honest and incorruptible either depart early like Manjunath Shanmugam or get lost in vicious cycle of transfers.Does our blood boil ? yes , for few minutes only, while munching pop corn in an recliner seat. The film makers have milked the ideology of corruption less society be it Nayak , Indian , Gabbar is back , Anniyan and Ungli  among others. What should we be happy about ? Our delegation has not worked  in pristine manner.”Development is not dependent on a symbol ,but on Intent”. I am just another common man and my concern for tomorrow is how will I survive a snail paced traffic until another weekend ?  

Will it get any better from here

Chaos, it is. Don’t you feel the same. One should hate oneself for switching on television to catch up with what’s happening in world on Indian news channels. Indian news channel trigger rage in me. We are so occupied with making a living, we tend either to forget or neglect lot many issues, which effect us. The innumerable potholes, the uncountable uneven surfaced roads,the over flowing gutter water on roads and the unbearable smell , the footpaths been hijacked by two wheelers , rider or driver trying to do multitasking , while being on phone. The roads being dug and never leveled and patched, we after sixty years are still don’t have a effective drainage system. India a emerging super power, by what imagination do we say so despite of lavish new terminal at Mumbai airport.Since independence the political parties have been talking about ideologies and been nothing but populist. I am glad the aggression shown by Indian Government to rescue Devyani khobragade. Where is this same aggression when our neighbor’s army intrude into Indian territory. The era prompted by ideologies is over , it will be better if political parties understand this and get down and actually work in parliament rather then disrupting it for every other thing. What India or any country needs is good governance and effective delivery mechanism rather then populist scheme burdening the tax payers.Populism and population are things , which no political party willing to speak about , there sole interest is to increase their voter base and win elections and recover investments made in elections.Will AAP be an ideal party is too soon to say in context of raising funds.Is Indian Government spending billions in creating infrastructure like china is ? The answer is no.The debates, the arguments and counter arguments ,the allegations and slinging mud at each other is enough. These so called intellect opinions are annoying to the core. I prefer to watch these days cooking shows then the news , where a panel of half a dozen people are forcefully fitted in our television screens for no good reason. The politician, who are opposing FDI should check what brand underpants they wear and which car they drive around. To conclude Amazon and Dominos may use drones to make deliveries. America uses drones to spy and for other defense purpose. We Indians are still stuck about the tea wala becoming prime minister when many countries in middle east are in flames .I prefer to listen to my wife rather then Arnab Goswami screeching on top of his voice.

Above the politics ,the Indian dilemma.

Is India at brink of a new Dawn or will continue to be in dismal state of affairs , only voters and time will reveal.The young Indian should be having high hopes from one Individual , Narendar Modi. Will Narendar Modi , emerge to be the next Iron Man after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ? As the current UPA government approaches to finish its second innings at center , one can understand the anti incumbency factor will hurt the UPA regime most,besides being marred by corruption, scandals and inflation. A common man may seek vengeance through ballot ,against the government at the center, without understanding the complexities of not being insulated any more .India is in dire need of a new leadership, who will mold India’s future and catch up with neighbors in terms of Infrastructure. No politician has magical wand and neither one individual is a panacea for all the problems.It is high time, that the politicians raise above corny politics.It is not just any more about secularism or polarization. It is about the GDP , the fiscal deficit,the value of Indian currency, the energy needs , the job creations and lastly the most crucial aspect , the population explosion. India needs to prepare itself and address new complex problems ,which may arise in near distant future , like unemployment , economy slow down and default by borrowers at a bigger scale , which is seen in PIGS.Will India get on its feet again and flung towards accelerated growth or crawl? Will India raise as a Superpower by 2020 ? Will India emerge with new model of growth or sink further into its own mediocrity? Will Indian voter prefer being prudent then loyalist?

Mr. Bachans gain is someone’s pain.

I am endorsing Gujarat’s glory as brand ambassador, not present govt: Bachchan

I have my empathy towards Mr. Amitabh Bachan. It seems that some people are hired in congress for specific acts only. Like creating a mountain out of mole.

Mr. Bachan is an icon , who people recognize easily and co-relate things with.

Him being a brand ambassador of UP because of certain influences or him being brand ambassador of Gujarat . Is purely a step taken by the respective state governments .

Mr. Bachan , being lending his voice and time to various causes like polio etc.. Weather compensated or not is not an issue.

If Mr. Bachan being accused of being an opportunist , then congress is wrong. You see in election , the pre and post elections scenario. Enemies become friend and vice versa. Congress I, please refresh your memory.

What exactly is bothering congress is thing to see?

Let congress answer these questions, so everybody gets a clarity on the issue.

1. Why Amitabh Bachan should not be brand ambassador of Gujarat?

2. If Amitabh Bachan becomes/ has become , what it has to do with the working /deeds of the government in the past?

3. Is Amitabh Bachan ,been roped in by BJP pvt Ltd or Gujarat as a state.

4. Do people of  Gujarat have any objects or agitation against this move.

5. Should all the personalities stop appearing in the causes promoted by the Government of India or say Congress party pvt Ltd, because senior party leaders from congress were involved in Sikh riots of 80’s.

Note:- I love to stay away from politics and neither supporter of any of the political parties and will love to see the star on the screen alone.

What bothers is the standard of politics and kind of issues been raised and been given a hell of prime time, the most saddening part .

Note:- Link to amitabh ji’s blog.

My assumption is some one out there either needs to desperately. Despite being in 70’s Mr. Bachan , you seem to be hot and in demand. Mr. Bachan , share with us what is your secret ya raaz . Certainly for sure ,may be Mr. Bachan may not be on tele endrosing brands like past but yet again he is occupying a good chunk of time on tele like past.

Note:- The blogger has no personal interest in either of the political parties nor the personality talked about.

Interview of Mr. Bachan.