Yes 30’s it is .

Reading news papers in the morning seem irrelevant. Listening to music is out of question specially when Yo Yo Honey Singh is teaching us the new  a b c . Life keeps churning its wheel between the to do list . The politicians have let us down , so has the cricket team overseas and movies is out of question , Bollywood  is retarded  , melodrama to no drama is absolutely big no. Life is on a big time holt between office , fast food ,shopping malls and online sales.All the self help books are biting dust.Listening hardship to raising a new born does put me in a fix. Just want to pull my hairs and scream , unfortunately have a military cut . Some times the petrol prices freak me , some times the increase in rent puts my heart in my mouth , some times phone bills make me crazy . Shaving and saving seems to be relevant things these days. Worsening traffic wants me to pierce dagger through my heart , don’t know about the anguish of proud owner of  four wheelers and the mileage of there vehicles. In the evenings , in fact night once back from work as a zombie , find a little solace in cooking shows since most of news channel will make you pull a bullet to your temple . And If accidentally  one find’s oneself alone then one can ponder about , why is he/she is here ? what is the purpose of life ? . Is one spiritual or atheist or religious , since hardly we are afraid of GOD , anymore. With evolution of us , humans , we have understood we need connections , contacts , money and booze and things can be taken care off , besides an updated LinkedIn profile.Finally the ritual of browsing FB is on decline since other people have fatigue of sharing there personal life on FB . Life seems chaos , can we fart about it. Hope there is life beyond EMIs  and bigger smart phones.


An app a day.

Other day ,there was a song playing in Au Bon Pain, which was peppy and foot tapping. I asked ,which song is it to my colleagues sitting with me. Abhishek , took his smart phone and had an app ,which scans the song and mentions ,which is the song and the artist. Recently I have been reading a lot about app for various use. There is an app ,which teaches ,how to wear a saree called saree app. My mother learned to wear a saree with help of aunties in the building, she moved after marriage. On most of the occasion ,waiting for lunch to come , my colleagues pull out there phones ( smart ) and start surfing social websites and or other stuff, the point is , we walk out of the cubicles to have lunch and have a hearty conversations ,but end up being glued to phones ( smart) . There is  even an app on how to conceive, Indians don’t need that one, I am sure. The point of concern is the interaction between humans may decline to a good extent. The apps and smart phones are to a large extent so complete in themselves that , one may not require to indulge in an conversation with an stranger for any reason.  And then there are products like Jawbone UP , which are integrated with smart phones and clinked to our bodies besides the phones ( smart) ,without which we may feel incomplete. Recently I was on my way to watch a play mindwalking , co-sponsored by British council and I reached to my destination ,    Jagriti  ( by taking help of the bus conductor and the people standing at the bus the stand and there was no app and neither a smart phone. And the biggest change taken place is the span of reaction in era of smart phones. The spat between Abhikshek Bachan and Taran Adarsh on sum spend on Buddha hoga tera Bapa is just one instance.It will be quite interesting to know what behavioral change will smart phones and apps have on us.I think It is high time that , apps be developed for our netas . One  on how to swindle corers  and then how to reach hospitals ,once after being arrested. Is there any app ,on not to over use app and phones (smart).